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Shot Dot Golf Confuses muscles through enhanced stimulation
(Muscle confusion is crucial when trying to stimulate new growth and a must to avoid plateaus)
Grip Stability Grip Stability Grip Stability Grip Stability
Resistance against unwanted motion. Creating strength in the wrist. Giving athletes more control over their opponents. Holding on to objects or opponents for long periods of time. Never again will your hands or arms get weak late in the game. Using the fingers and thumb to lift an object without the palm touching. Never overlook the importance of the fingers. Allowing you to squeeze with maximum force. Creating hand strength with minimum reaction time. Seconds matter.
The Stiff Flex can also be used as an hand held gripper/ The possibilities are endless...
Stiff Flex

With SHOT DOT GOLF Your Grip Becomes Truly Functional In All Areas Of Hand Strength

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